Meet Goobie

Hi there! My name is Arden, or Goobie, and I call myself a multimedia artist because I'm always looking to challenge myself, try new things, and apply skills I learn in one medium to other mediums. My skills include design, illustration, coding, music production, and video editing.

When I'm not creating things, I love to watch and collect movies, play video games, or go out riding on my Onewheel. I also help run the group Fountain City Furs, where we plan local fursuiting events for the KC area.

Click "My Stuff" if you want to see the stuff I make, or scroll all the way down to see my socials!

Discord Server

Camp Goobie!

CAMP GOOBIE is the prime vacation destination for sharing memes/shitposts, gaming, art, animations, movie-talk, fandom-talk, and y2k/early 2010s aesthetics. And if you're an individual that creates stuff in any medium, CAMP GOOBIE is the summer camp for you too!

Join for an awesome community of freaks and geeks to chat and make friends with and join us in the voice chat for games, watch-alongs, or just to chat! Come vibe with us!